A word from Ian Blair

It never ceases to amaze me the passion our people have for the work they do and the exciting opportunities our clients present to us. Our core vision is to create what matters for future generations, and across the country – through our network of 40 offices – we’re doing just that.

As you’ll see from the stories in this issue of Arotahi, we believe strongly in challenging ourselves to design places where our friends, whānau and neighbours can thrive.

Achieving this requires stepping outside the comfort of what has been done and questioning new ways of doing things. It means incorporating different views, ideas and ways of thinking. That’s not an easy space to be in, but the results this brings in terms of developing our people and delivering value for our clients make it worthwhile.

I’m delighted that we have some exceptional proof points to share with you in this issue. From the award-winning Kuaka Gateway project in Napier, the regional revitalisation projects happening around the country  through to harnessing the filtration powers of wetlands to remove nitrates before they can enter our waterways .

When our clients ask, we listen, so when the Tūhoe Trust asked us to innovate an environmentally-friendly and sustainable road surfacing alternative to bitumen, WSP Opus Research developed a world-first solution.

There is a lot more to digest and I hope you enjoy the stories we’ve curated for you.

Portrait of Ian Blair

Ian Blair
Managing Director, WSP Opus

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