Thinking global, knowing local

Early in 2018 WSP and Opus joined forces as the New Zealand operation of WSP providing a rare opportunity to tell our compelling story.

Our history dates back to colonial New Zealand, when the Public Works Department was opening up the country’s notoriously difficult terrain through the combination of national road and rail networks. Innovation, future readiness, collaboration and local knowledge has always been at the forefront of what we do.

Together as WSP Opus we bring something unique to the market. Combining 48,000 global experts with 148 years of unrivalled local knowledge. We call this combination of thinking global and knowing local – glocal.

Combining 48,000 global experts with 148 years of unrivalled local knowledge

As Glocal Pioneers we pride ourselves on bringing our clients a richness of local and global expertise, pushing the boundaries and being future ready. Our people are located across the country in the communities that we serve ensuring we are truly invested in the outcomes for New Zealand both for society and environment.

We are now at a defining moment where we can collaborate with leading expertise from around the world on transformational projects that will redefine New Zealand for generations to come.

We are the advisors, engineers, scientists, architects and innovators that with our clients pioneer the infrastructure and environments that matter to Kiwis.