Working with award-winning creative AR/VR studio M Theory, we have combined cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to put the power of city design in the hands of everyday people with Sustain-a-city, an interactive, problem-solving virtual reality game.

Sustain-a-city allows players to build a smart world of the future and help it grow and thrive to an optimum healthy size. Players must choose from a selection of infrastructure components which are then put into their miniature, simulated world – to a certain formula.

All four smart infrastructure components have to be used wisely and in unison, otherwise the overall health of the virtual world plummets. Just like a real city all the elements – power, water, residential and commercial buildings, and transport – need to work in balance in order to thrive.

While the game is about entertaining it is also about educating, by building a micro-world of the future all while using components from real-life WSP Opus projects. These include the Margaret Mahy Family Playground Park, The Justice and Emergency Precinct Christchurch and the Daldy Street and Halsey Street Redevelopment.

With our focus on creating what matters for future generations there is no better way of bringing this vision to life than by enabling people to create their own future world.

Sustain-a-city is a fun and interactive output for a technology WSP Opus already uses on projects. We create virtual 3D models of projects that allow clients and stakeholders to experience the layout of the building, the land and surrounding areas in a virtual environment. That means design elements can be modified or changed in real-time before they become a major consideration or cost during construction.

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